Economic activity platform
in the new blockchain era

Raccoon supports the new economic activities of the blockchain era.While paying attention to being secure, you can pay the cryptocurrency from the smartphone with clean, clear and courteous guidance.
Let’s start a new economy based on NEM blockchain.

For the new generation of payment

Integration of complete wallet function for cryptocurrency payment based on NEM blockchain.

Social Network

A social network where accounts and cryptocurrency addresses are linked and economic activities are possible.

Like! Raccoon

Raccoon was born in the japan cryptocurrency community.
Raccoon is gaining attention from Japanese influencers who are deeply involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

"... I want to replace the official wallet with a raccoon."
"I really expect this project."

“I think this is a very good wallet, so please do your best!
I think that if you can release an iOS version with this team, it can be a NEM standard wallet.”

Let's get started Raccoon